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Socially Responsible Manufacturing of innovative luxury eco fabrics made from Lotus, Kapok, Banana, Natural Silk... Our exclusive unique lotus fabrics has won Unesco Award of Excellence, French President Award 2015, IET Award 2016 because of its exceptional quality, lotus fibre is the first natural micro fibre providing with special properties: very soft, special breathable, very absorbent and almost wrinkle free. In South Asia, the sacred Lotus is omnipresent in religious history. For Buddhists, beyond the fact that the lotus is considered as a sacred flower, it’s a symbol of every man and woman’s ability to surpass their conditions no matter their origin, and accomplish themselves, just like the lotus flower growing tall until it floats above the muddy waters. Everyone has the potential to elevate themselves and reach Buddha’s state “without letting the world pollute them, like a lotus on water” as cited in the Lotus Sutra, one of Buddhism’s most important, educational texts.

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