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  • Bianco showing eco-clean washing line ‘Happy Scour’ for MMF & elastomer fabrics at ITME India
    Thu 17, 2016

    Bianco showing eco-clean washing line ‘Happy Scour’ for MMF & elastomer fabrics at ITME India


    Ø  Bianco Happy Scour eco-clean washing line removes enzymatic residuals

    Ø  Especially developed for fabrics produced from synthetic or elastomer fibres

    Ø  Printed or dyed fabrics appear uniform, compact and with a soft handle

    Ø  Happy Scour process offers best recipe in terms of performance and cost saving.


    Italian specialist of fabric finishing machinery, Bianco S.p.A is displaying the Bianco Happy Scour®, an advanced and eco-clean washing line to remove weaving oils with reduced economic and environmental impact at the upcoming ITME India in hall H5, stall A6 B5. With the Bianco Happy Scour®, it is now possible to obtain excellent quality fabrics at much lower costs than those incurred in traditional washing.


    Bianco Happy Scour® has been especially developed for the finishing of knitted or woven fabrics made from synthetic fibre or elastomer, which are the most sensitive to shrinkage and have got the highest oil content. This technology can be successfully applied on all kinds of fabrics, which need to be washed before heat setting.


    The Bianco Happy Scour® is mounted in front of a stenter and when combined with a traditional squeezing padder, allows continuous in-line preparation and fabrics are produced in a way, so do not need washing before dyeing.


    Bianco Happy Scour® utilises a speciality chemical product for the scouring of oils, expressly developed for this purpose, which contains natural water-soluble compound; cleaning agent; dispersing agent and lastly a sequestering agent. The technology guarantees an absolutely tensionless process and furthermore the special treatment in the washing tank with nozzles, helps create a gentle and effective relaxation for the fabrics.


    By using this Bianco machine, there is no smoke at the stenter’s entry and exit and after heat setting, fabrics scoured with Bianco Happy Scour®, also have a soft and natural handle, as all the oils are removed before the fabrics enters the stenter and do not get burnt into the fabric.


    When using conventional technologies, the smell of knitting oils inside untreated fabric is unmistakable, but when processing them in the Bianco Happy Scour®, this smell vanishes, thus confirming that oils have been removed.


    After heat setting, the fabrics which have been scoured in Happy Scour® will incur far less yellowing and have a better uniform tone compared to partially scoured fabrics, as fabrics scoured improperly will never give a perfect dyeing result. While printed or dyed fabrics appear uniform, compact and with a soft handle without adding softeners, when fabrics are processed on the Happy Scour®.


    The shortening of the dyeing time, due to the absence of fabric pre-treatment has minimal damage on fibre; resultantly the fibre properties remain, almost unchanged. The Happy Scour® process also guarantees the best recipe in terms of performance and cost saving.






    The consumption of water inside the washing tank is only given by the fabrics’ absorption. The second rinsing tank gives excellent results, primarily due to the innovative nozzles washing fabrics on both sides, thereby leading to extremely reduced water consumption in the range of 4-6 litres per kg of fabrics.


    About Bianco S.p.A:

    For over 40 years, Italy based Bianco® S.p.A has designed and manufactured machinery with advanced technology for textile and technical textile finishing and, more recently, for the fast-growing nonwoven fabric industry. Bianco offers a full range of machines and accessories for textile finishing entirely designed and manufactured in-house.


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