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  • Italian SANTEX RIMAR GROUP partakes in ITME India with all its brands
    Thu 17, 2016
  • Trissino (Vicenza, Italy), November 14th 2016


    Italian SANTEX RIMAR GROUP partakes in ITME India with all its brands


    SMIT markets rapier weaving machines

    SANTEX offers finishing solutions for knitted fabrics

    SPEROTTO RIMAR is a manufacturer of finishing machines for both woven and knitted fabrics

    CAVITEC supplies machines for coating, laminating and impregnating composites

    ISOTEX provides coating, embossing and printing machines for synthetic leather, tarpaulins and airbags

    SANTEX NONWOVENS markets thermobonding solutions

    SOLWA offers solutions in different fields of water treatment


    SANTEX RIMAR GROUP, which has more than 100 years of history and also more than 10,000 customers all around the world, is participating in the upcoming ITME INDIA trade show in Hall 5, Stall B13 together with its brands SMIT, SANTEX, SPEROTTO RIMAR, CAVITEC, ISOTEX, SANTEX NONWOVENS and SOLWA.


    SMIT, which joined Santex Rimar Group in 2016, offers weaving machines with rapier weft insertion for home textiles, garments, terry cloths and customized solutions to produce special technical fabrics. SMIT SMART PLATFORM is a structural architecture concept involving the whole machine project, from mechanics and electronics to communication systems and in the process, provides the most advantageous weaving opportunities and high levels of versatility.


    SANTEX offers machines for finishing of knitted fabrics. Among machines for treatment of open width knitted fabrics, Santex offers; SANTASHRINK PROGRESS, an integrated treatment system for shrinkage; SANTASHRINK JUMBO and SUPER JUMBO for tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing; ESC: ENERGY SAVING CHAMBER for optimised drying through green textile process; SANTACOMPACT RD for levelling, steaming and compacting calander and SANTASYNPACT also for levelling, steaming and compacting.


    For the treatment of tubular knitted fabrics, the SANTEX portfolio includes; SANTASHRINK for tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing; SANTASPREAD for steaming and compacting of tubular fabrics and SANTASTRETCH for dewatering and overstretching/wet onimpregnation.


    SPEROTTO RIMAR is known for being a leading innovator and manufacturer of textile finishing machines for both woven and knitted fabrics made from natural as well as synthetic fibres. SPEROTTO RIMAR markets DECOFAST 3.5 for continuous decatizing process under pressure; FIXA for wool crabbing in continuous by overheated water under pressure; MULTIDECAT, a continuous decatizing machine; NOVA, a continuous solvent scouring machine; PLANA for efficient atmospheric plasma for natural fibres and UNIVERSA for vaporizing fabrics without tension.



    CAVITECis a premier supplier of machines and plants for coating, laminating and impregnating for composite products for aerospace, automotive, wind-power industries and for the resin impregnation of carbon, Kevlar or glass fibre.


    CAVITEC technologies include; HOTMELT for coating and laminating; CAVIMELT, which is a rotogravure system; CAVI2COAT for multifunctional coating and laminating; CAVIFLEX, a hotmelt laminating machine with exchangeable coating modules; CAVIMELT PP is a plug and play solution, CAVIPREG offers prepreg lines and CAVISCAT offers scattered coating and laminating solutions.


    ISOTEX offers solutions in coating, embossing and printing machines for synthetic leather, airbags and other technical applications. Its products line-up includes ISOBAG for air-bags, ISOBELT for conveyor belts; ISOLAB for pilot lines; ISORUBBER for rubber-coating fabrics; ISOSKIN for coating synthetic leather; ISOWEAR for resin-coated production; ISOGLASS for fibreglass fabrics in technical use; ISOTACK, a solution system for self-adhesive materials and finally ISOTARP for tarpaulins and banners.


    SANTEX NONWOVENSmarkets thermobonding solutions for applications like home textiles, hygienic and medical, geotextiles, automotive and industrial products. The unique air guiding system of Santex ovens guarantees highest production performance, uniform quality productions and constant temperature at minimal energy consumption.


    SOLWA represents the green innovative technologies division, marketing solutions in different fields of water treatment. Technologies from SOLWA have won awards from several global organisations, like the United Nations and the European Union. Technologies from the division include; DRYWA, which is an integrated system for drying sewage sludge and SOLWA, a system to treat polluted or sea water with solar energy.