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  • Technip & Metabolic working on new Polymer
    Thu 25, 2016
  • Technip and Metabolic Explorer have inked an agreement to evaluate the feasibility of offering a combined technology package, which will consist of Technip's PTT and Metabolic's PDO technologies. The assessment will include a commercial and technical review with the aim to offering a license to the market, for the bundled technology package.

    Technip's PTT is used for manufacturing high quality textile fibres. However, the potential growth of PTT has been curtailed due to limited supply of PDO, a raw material used to produce PTT.

    On the other hand, Metabolic Explorer has developed an efficient technology to produce PDO through the fermentation of crude glycerins from either vegetable oils or recycled oils.

    By combining these technologies, both companies plan to offer a complete industrial solution for the manufacture of biosourced PTT to the market.