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  • Textile industry increasingly investing in efficient power management systems
    Wed 30, 2017
  • Textile industry increasingly investing in efficient power management systems
    The Indian textile industry is a significant part of the industrial footprint as well as a large player in the global textile market. As the industry has grown both domestically and as well as expanding into the international markets there has been a growing emphasis on cost and quality. These are considered as two key pillars in ensuring competitiveness in a highly competitive market.
    India has various concentrations of textile manufacturing each specializing in a particular segment like spinning, hosiery, knitwear, furnishings among others with the major hubs being in Surat, Panipat, Ludhiana, Tiruppur.
    With the full mechanization of all parts of the process in the textile industry, power quality and its effects on the efficiency, quality of output has started to gain a lot of importance there is also an increasing consciousness among unit operators and textile manufacturers to protect factory equipments which can be adversely affected by sudden fluctuations and power failures.
    Downtime due to power failure is a threat to textile units that are supplying for global customers with tight deadlines and quality norms to meet.
    Consul Neowatt Power Solutions is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of a full range of power electronics, backup and conditioning products, services and solutions in the country with both value and number of installations. The company has developed an in-depth understanding of the Indian power environment which has led them to design cutting edge products for demanding fields such as textile, plastic, food processing, manufacturing etc.
    The company has over the last 3 decades developed products and solutions to meet the requirement of the textile industry and drive down electricity bills, product quality