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  • TWD Fibers offers Antimony free Polyester Yarns
    Wed 24, 2016
  • TWD Fibres GmbH offers antimony free polyester yarns, with the same properties of polyester yarns like high abrasion resistance and which are very easy to clean and handle for mattress application. According to the company, antimony oxide is worldwide used as catalyst in polyester fibre and filament yarn production processes and therefore, is often part of textile materials. Partial quantities of these antimony compounds can dissolve out of the textiles through sweat and be absorbed via respiratory tract or skin, which can cause irritation of eyes, skin and lungs, especially for sensitive people. In case of the Diolen Hypoallergenic yarns made by TWD, the commonly used antimony oxide is replaced by non-toxic substitutes. “Also in every further auxiliary material and processing step, avoiding antimony contamination is given great importance,” the German yarn producer said. “As a result of these efforts, the final packaged yarn has got an antimony content that lies beyond the detection level of 0.5 ppm, which has been verified by a testing laboratory Indikator GmbH,” TWD informed.

    Further tests at Hohenstein Laboratories verified that Diolen Hypoallergenic is especially skin friendly and hypoallergenic and that there is no hazard potential for allergenic reactions.


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