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  • Sunset review of Nylon Anti Dumping by Govt of India
    Mon 16, 2017
  •  Government of India has initiated a Sunset Review of Anti Dumping Duty on Imports of Nylon Filament Yarn originating in or exported from China PR, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea RP falling under sub heading 5402.10  of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975. The duties have been imposed vide Initiation Notification Case No.SSR-2/2017 (Sunset Review) dated January 09, 2017.

    The details of the Investigation are as follows –

    ·         The Period of Investigation (POI) is April 2015- September 2016 (18 months) for the purpose of present investigation.

    ·         The injury investigation period will however cover the periods April 2012- March 2013, April 2013- March 2014, April 2014- March 2015 and the Period of Investigation (POI).

    ·         The data beyond Period of Investigation (POI) may also be examined to determine the likelihood of dumping and injury.